Noogies is my band here in Minneapolis.  We have recently recorded 3 demo songs so that we can get some shows.  They are new versions of older songs featuring "David Byrne" by Casey Stohrer, "Cleo" which was from a 2004 Bryan Rock album, and "Honesty" from the Lumpy album "Life, Man".  We didn't want to record any new stuff so that we can save it for the live show and the full-length.  Hopefully we'll have some shows for you guys soon!
The tracks feature:
Tony Beaderstadt: Trombone, Johnny Becker: Bass, Vocals, Bryan Highhill: keys, trumpet, vocals, Ben Levit: Drums, David Mulrennan: Guitar, and Cole Pulice: Tenor Sax

Noogies Demo EP:

I have also updated the shows section with some upcoming shows I will be playing with White Dads and The Black Market Brass.


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