I've added a set of 8 songs of Hannah and the Hanbones - Live at the Santa Fe Complex in Santa Fe, NM. I believe the show was April-ish 2011.  I recorded and mixed it for KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio and the show was a fundraiser for The Youth Media Project.

Hannah and the Hanbones are:

Hannah Underwood: Vocals
Greg Butera: Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals
Benito Plaza: Guitar
Ben McMahon: Bass
Bryan Highhill: Drums



09/20/2013 2:12am

Thanks for sharing Hannah and the hanbones live recording

10/15/2013 5:04am

I just loved all the songs of Hannah and the Hanbones so thank you for sharing them with us!I would love to see them performing live too.

05/03/2014 6:04pm

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