Can you remember back to your most innocent years (2007, 2008 and 2009) when the world seemed so new and fresh and anything you dreamt was achievable?  Well I’ve come across some audio from those formable years.  Those of you that would visit my old site may recognize them (thus through reasoning we can figure those of you that didn’t ever visit the site will not recognize them.) 
I’ve uploaded the 2009 “Lumpy Reggae EP” as well as the original sets of “Lumpy Demos”. 
Despite our constant longing for those days, let's all hope we've learned a thing or two since then. 

The Lumpy Reggae EP features 6 reggae-ish songs of dub, lullabyes, instrumentals and whatever-ya-call-them:
The Original Lumpy Demos are 15 of the first "Lumpy" recordings made:


10/05/2013 3:23pm

Google linked me to this page, nice reading


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