Come out and dance with Black Market Brass tomorrow night at the Nomad's "Fancy Dress Party".  Check here for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/686417578056732/

Stream "Snake
Oil Man" from our Secret Stash Records 45 below!

Here's an updated list of shows coming up.

With Black Market Brass, your friendly neigbhborhood afrobeat-ish band:
December 31 @ Lee's Liquor Lounge with E.L.n.O.
January 11 @ 7th Street Entry with Chicago Afrobeat Project
January 18 @ Dakota Jazz Club
January 24 @ The Nomad.  Fancy dress party

With Sonny Knight and the Lakers
December 27 @ Icehouse with The Droppers
December 31 @ Loring Pasta Bar
January 10 @ The Turf Club

Hope to see you at some of the shows!

You can now stream, share and digitally purchase the entire "Ellsworth" album by Bryan Highhill!  (CHECK BELOW)
Please do all of those things, it would be most wonderful of you.

Stay tuned for some new things currently in the works!

Thanks guys

Well this day has finally arrived! The last day of releases from "Ellsworth".
If you haven't been following I have been streaming a new track, from the instrumental album "Bryan Highhill - Ellsworth", every Thursday since last July.

Today is the last one but please do not cry.  That would mean you have no control over your emotions and that's such a sad thing that it might make me cry.  Definitely stay tuned for more Lumpy Recordings projects in the near future!  like maybe a new Lumpy album.  who knows??? (I do)

Today's release, "Somper",  is one of the newly recorded songs from "Ellsworth".  It blends electronic and acoustic elements and uses flugel horn as the lead voice.  Some CLASSIC call and response over the top which turns into a fluttery improvised free for all, then it goes right back to what you'd expect.

Next week I'll be releasing the last song of this project.  thanks for those of you tuning in.  I'd love to hear what you think!  I really appreciate it

Sometimes the right words are just so hard to find that you end up not having much to say.

Well, that is currently the case

Here's track 9 from Bryan Highhill's "Ellsworth".  An instrumental album wit

Good god man 2 months of instrumentals have now gone by.  You're all like "isn't that enough?!?!".  I'm all "OH PLEASE there are only THREE MORE"

Okay, picture this. A buncha rude boys (let's say twelve-ish) get locked in a cabin up north with no lights on. The cabin has 6 bunk beds, each with their own pillow. Since the rude boys can't get out and explore all that mother nature has to offer, what's the first thing they'll do while locked in the cabin?? THAT'S RIGHT, A PILLOW FIGHT!!

The opening bit represents the confunsion, as you can imagine, of the fellows trying to find a way out.

The ska starts round :35 seconds.

So close your eyes, kick back and let your imagination run amuck.

Although "Ricket" is not a reggae song, the production on today's track was heavily influenced by dub.  No I didn't forget to type the second half of that word.  No wobbly bass here.
The track is a slightly meandering yet melodic collection of ideas layered over distorted guitars and snares.  And of course it has a dramatic flugel build up to the end which is my favorite part.  (Roughly 2:20 to the end.) 

If you have been checking out these new track(s) let me know what you think!  I'd love to hear any and all feed back you guys may have.  You can always find Lumpy Recordings on facebook and twitter, or send any emails through my contact form

Just 3 weeks left to go until Ellsworth is fully released.  If you have the means please support by purchasing the album OR single tracks HERE or donating through the donate now button at the top. 

Ok now, that's all for this week. byebye

Good god man it's already August 29th, canYOUBelieveIT? That means Ellsworth is 60% released and summer is nearly over.  CANyoubELIEVEit??!
Well as they say, get on with it already.

Today's instrumental release is a song called "Radlands".  It's another trumpet fueled track that's backed up by a Whitehall electric organ and some drums.  I wrote it when I was attending the University of Redlands in 2005 and just got around to recording it this past year.  As you can tell I was extremely motivated to get it done.  So here it is, thank you and goodbye.

Incase you haven't been following the site, every Thursday I have been streaming a new track from my new instrumental album called "Ellsworth". 
This week's track goes way back.  It originally was recorded as a "Bryan Rock" song in 2004 or so.  Then the California band "Black Light Soul" played and recorded a version of it.  The original had lyrics that really offered some great insight into the pharmaceutical industry. 

Now, in it's 3rd incarnation, it's a melodica featured instrumental.  So sit back, relax and please enjoy "Paradise".  


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